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I don’t know if you are familiar with Everett Rogers’ “Innovation Adoption Model“, but it truly is a helpful visual aid if you are steering change – especially if you are discouraged.

The bell curve actually speaks for itself, but in essence it says that any and all change (steered by 2,5% Innovators) will be greeted by 4 distinct groups of people: early adopters, early majority, late majority and then the laggards or the immovables.


If you allow me to oversimplify the model, I’ll say that it helps us in keeping a realistic expectation of the change we want to see. It also helps us to identify the areas where we need to spend time, communication, effort etc. I have found for example that a plan or idea can be the best there is, but if I don’t invest energy in convincing enough early adopters, it will fail. Early adopters tend to be the opinion makers in a community.

This model has helped me numerous times in the past in seeing where the problem in the system lies. I hope it will help you too,