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What does Bill Hybels look for when he wants to develop someone as a leader? He says if he is going to take the time of pouring himself into someone, he wants to see 3 c’s in that person:

  • Character: It needs to be someone of integrity.
  • Competence: It must be a high capacity leader.
  • Chemistry: They need to get along easily.

Those are 3 very helpful tips.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some leaders that you develop, have the capacity of becoming, what he calls a “constellation of colleagues“. These are people that can do the job you do, just as good or even better. A leader who does not feel threatened by the strengths of other leaders, would pull them up to form this “constellation of colleagues“.

But not everyone is fit to be a part of this leadership circle. Not everyone can develop leaders that develop leaders.

So what do you look for when you are searching for this special kind of leadership breed? There are 4 things:

  • Intelligence: The more complex situations get, the more intelligent the leader needs to be.
  • Energy: You want someone with a contagious energy.
  • Relational IQ: At this level, productivity takes the back seat to people skills.
  • Win or die spirit: You need someone with grit and perseverence.

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